Terms & conditions for Acne and Glowing kit

Our Acne and Glowing kits are the best product you can find to help improve your skin. We have seen so much good returns about our products that we can confidently offer this deal. 

You are either Satisfied about the products or you will receive a Refund!

We have some terms and conditions that apply:

+ Products have to be used for at least three (3) months 

+ Products have to be used according to the recommendation stated on the products' descriptions

+ For three months of usage:

      - You will need at least 2 kits of the acne kit

      - you will need at least 2 kits of the glowing kit 

+ The three months of usage period does not mean that your skin will completely clear from acne but that you will see significant improvements.

We will issue a refund:

+ If the above conditions have been met 

+ If you send us pictures proving that your skin has not improved at all from the time you started using the products to the day you are requesting the refund

Amount refunded:

+ We will refund the total cost of the products not including the shipping cost 

We will not issue a refund:

+ If the above conditions have not been met 

+ Using the products less than three months 



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